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4 Simple Care Tips for Your Vinyl Box Truck Wrap

4 Simple Care Tips for Your Vinyl Box Truck Wrap

4 Simple Care Tips for Your Vinyl Box Truck Wrap

With their sleek and customized finish, vehicle wraps have gained quite the popularity. Their purpose is widely used as a decorative finish and are mainly made of vinyl. Businesses are investing in utilizing the blank canvas of their trucks to promote their services and products. A box truck wrap is like a cost-effective mobile billboard and can be designed and installed as per your requirements.

Vinyl wrapping a large surface area is cheaper than spray painting and the graphics are better aligned to fit brand consistency. Bayou Graphics provides businesses with clear and precise graphic images that help build brand recognition for the organization. Apart from assigning highly qualified graphic designers to execute your images, we also use top quality materials and trained installation technicians to cover your vehicle.

Once you have your box truck wrap installed, here are some simple care tips to properly maintain your vinyl graphics:

Regular Washing

Ideally, vinyl graphics should be washed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Manually washing with a non-abrasive cleaning agent and a soft cloth or sponge is the ideal way to keep your vinyl wrap clean. Thoroughly rinse off with water and using a soft towel or silicone squeegee to immediately dry and remove any soap residue. Word of caution- over washing can speed up the breakdown of design and colors.

Avoid using the following when washing, as they may dull the overall appearance or even damage the vinyl from its edges, causing the wrap to either lift or crack:

  1. Brush-type car washes or any aggressive motorized car wash that may use harsh chemicals.

  2. Pressure wash, if used at optimal speed, can tear into the vinyl graphic. If you do choose one, make sure to turn down the pressure and use the hose from a greater distance than usual.

Keep Safe from Contamination

Bird droppings, fuel and oil spills, and even tar can be difficult to remove if not dealt with immediately. Using hot soapy water mixture to apply and sponge off after a short soak is the best solution. If the stain remains, we recommend bringing your vehicle in to allow our team of experts handle the situation with care. At all costs, avoid the urge to use a scraper as it definitely will tear and damage your wrap.

Protection from Over Exposure to Sunlight

Over exposure of your graphic vinyl to UV rays lead to premature decaying of your box truck wrap. There are two ways to protect your wrap from this:

  1. Keep the vehicle indoors or safely tucked under its car cover when parked.

  2. Use a nano-ceramic coating for those long hauls.

Immediate Expert Care When Required

In the event of any rip, cut, or tear, get the vehicle to our trained professionals who will correct the damage seamlessly. Delaying the repair can prove to be futile and will incur large compensations to fix the problem. We keep stock of all our client’s graphics and can expertly rectify the damage on a panel-by-panel basis, which is faster and cheaper.

These easy-to-follow steps will help you preserve the life of your vinyl wraps and maintain your investment in excellent condition for long durations. Get in touch with us today to get a customized graphic vinyl box truck wrap for your business!