Car Wrapping, Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Auto Wraps, Business Decals, Business Graphics, Business Signage
Car Wrapping, Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Auto Wraps, Business Decals, Business Graphics, Business Signage


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Bayou Graphics offers:

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Graphic Design Services

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Printing Services

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Fleet and Program Management

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Vehicle and Fleet Graphics

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Fleet and Trailer

Whether you have hundreds of seagoing containers, a freight network that crosses North America, or a local warehouse with a tractor-trailer fleet, Bayou has experience with nearly every type of large vehicle across the US and internationally and can handle the toughest challenges. We also know that fleet support after the initial branding requires a rapid response to changes or regulatory requirements, and nobody will help you get your assets back into service faster than Bayou Graphics.

Logistics is a tough business, and trusting Bayou to ensure your fleet is professionally branded and properly marked will allow you to better focus on what matters most- exceeding the expectations of your customers.

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Box Trucks

Box trucks are a popular option for local and intercity fleets – and businesses are smart to take advantage of the advertising power of vehicles that are seen by thousands of potential customers daily. Bayou Graphics has branded thousands of box trucks for local, regional, and national fleets, and can present you with options that meet your timeline and budget requirements.

Time is money, and Bayou can build a project plan that minimizes the downtime of your trucks- getting them back into service as quickly as possible. Whether you have a single box truck or a fleet of hundreds- contact us today, we’re ready to help you unleash the advertising power of each and every one of them.

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Van & Sprinter Wraps

Work trucks and vans are often a business owner’s most powerful means of advertising. A professionally branded vehicle is the easiest way to show potential customers who you are, what you do, and how to contact you – and projects a level of professionalism that can set you apart from your competitors. Consistent branding increases awareness and visual recognition of your company, and Bayou can help you transform each of your business vehicles into a mobile advertising powerhouse. There are options available for all business types, budgets, and timeframes. We know that each business is different, but that every business is seeking maximum value and minimum vehicle downtime.

Contact us today, so we can supercharge your company’s brand.

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Industrial and Construction

There is no better customer testimonial than seeing one of your vehicles perform on a job site. Bayou Graphics can ensure you do not miss the opportunity to make an impression.

Bayou has helped hundreds of industrial customers label and brand their assets for maximum visibility across the world – from local commercial construction projects to the most remote oilfield site – and we have the experience to understand the unique challenges of your business and help you brand your equipment professionally with graphics that deliver high impact visibility in even the toughest environments.

Whether you’re a Houston-based business or a national brand, Bayou Graphics has what you need to turn your vehicle fleet into a professional-looking marketing machine. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to make your fleet look amazing and grab attention.

91% of people

notice the words and pictures on fleet vehicles

75% of people

develop a favorable impression of the company when fleet graphics are used

29% of people

would base a buying decision on impressions gained from fleet graphics

**Based on a study performed by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America
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interior graphics

an office wall with company graphics

Wall Graphics

Effective and consistent graphic images placed throughout your business allow you to set the tone and control the focus of your interior spaces. Your company can improve brand recognition and direct customer progress through your store with well designed and placed wayfinding signs, directories, and decals pointing out departments. Businesses can also use wall graphics to make powerful murals to transform the tone of interior spaces with spectacular images

A building with advertising on its windows

Doors and Windows

Put your images in spots where customers are already looking! It should be very clear at first glance what type of business you are, and window graphics are the most cost effective way to show customers what your company does and make them want to come inside to find out more. Door and window graphics are a fraction of the cost of other advertising media and are easy to install, maintain, and update. Graphics can be transparent or opaque, and there are several options that provide additional privacy or light blocking to help your building feel cooler in the summer while still allowing the entry of natural light.

An office floor with space for graphics

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are non-slip vinyl decals mounted on floors, stairs, and sidewalks. They are commonly seen in malls, museums, and retail stores and can be placed to give directions or for creative effect, like an optical illusion that makes you think you are walking on thin air. Floor graphics give you a means to put a message where customers are already looking. When people walk, they typically look down, and with the advent of modern smartphones, many people look down at their phones while walking- this gives you the opportunity to put a message in the exact area where customers make their purchasing decisions. Floor graphics can be installed on any type of flooring, are easy to clean, and can be removed quite easily when you want to change themes or promotions.

Exterior graphics on a restaurant wall

Exterior Graphics

Bring new life to your building’s exterior with long lasting graphic images that can weather even the most extreme environments. Transform the front and sides of your building into a mural, sign, or a work of art that will grab the attention of the public and build immediate brand recognition and interest in your business. Use the power of vivid images to make your business stand out and become unforgettable, and reap the benefits of increased brand recognition and customer traffic.

The power to transform your indoor surfaces into a blank canvas so you can make an impression…

Printable films and finishes give you the ability to create anything you can imagine – from simple patterns to vivid designs, and to use your interior surfaces to create powerful, lasting impressions that speak to your employees, visitors, and customers.

Wrap Care Guide

Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your new Vehicle Graphics.
Our biggest recommendation for best appearance, ease of maintenance and long-term
durability is our Ceramic Coating Service. Ceramic coating has proven to be very
effective on vehicle wraps because it protects the vinyl dramatically while also cutting


Bayou Graphics has the know how and experience to make your business stand out. The signs at your location are an opportunity to draw attention to your business, focus customers on the message of your choice, and project a clean, professional image that improves the overall customer experience.  Bayou Graphics can work with you to develop a solution to whatever challenge you are facing.

Transform Your Business

The use of high powered visuals allow you to make a statement with your interior and exterior surfaces. Whether you are seeking to draw customers to your business, build brand recognition, or direct the flow of traffic through your store, effective visuals put you in the driver’s seat. Get your message out and start drawing the type of attention you need to build your business today, contact us and let’s talk about what Bayou Graphics can do for you!

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