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Car Wrapping, Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Auto Wraps, Business Decals, Business Graphics, Business Signage

Why You Should Invest In Fleet Wraps

Why You Should Invest In Fleet Wraps


Marketing is the soul of your business. Unless you get that just right, it’s unlikely that your business will take off. And when it comes to marketing, fleet wraps are one of the most brilliant ways to go about it. When you can have your entire fleet of vehicles protected from dust, wear and minor dents, and have them act as advertising boards that travel across the town at the same time, why would you not?

Custom vinyl wraps are suitable for any vehicle, including company cars, trucks, vans, or trailers. Plus the vinyl layer is highly durable, which reduces having to replace it every month. Here are some reasons why you should invest in fleet wraps.

Advertise While You Work

With a professionally designed vehicle wrap, you can advertise to potential customers and gather more leads whether you are driving down the highway, parking on the side of a busy road or pulling up in front of a client’s home. This advertising is done while your employees are doing other things like driving, selling, or other work-related tasks, maximizing efficiency for your company.

Pro tip: make your wrap easy to read and include all necessary contact information in multiple places for the best results.

Advertising All The Way

You can turn each vehicle in your fleet into a mobile billboard for your company by investing in high-quality fleet wraps. Instead of waiting for customers to see your business advertising on a bus bench or other stationary location, you can now bring it to them! You will reach more customers, your advertisement will cover the whole town, and your proactive advertising method will generate way more leads and conversions.

Wrapping your entire fleet will have more effect than a few select vehicles. It would result in repeat exposure if the same person were to see it repeatedly, and it would give you the benefit of numbers. This repeated exposure is an excellent way to generate interest while increasing leads and sales for your company.

Brand Consistency

Your fleet wrap should help people remember and recognise your brand. By wrapping your entire fleet in identical wraps, you create a sense of consistency that makes it easy for others to identify your company. This is the reason behind so many companies wrapping their work vehicles with fleet wraps.

Plus, when your potential customers think of your brand, they think of all the graphics and colors associated with it. Every time you make a delivery with your colors displayed proudly on your vehicle, their minds connect your brand image with satisfaction.

Cost Effective Marketing

There is no beating fleet wraps when it comes to ROI. When compared to other marketing media like billboards, bus benches, newspaper ads, and online advertising, vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective advertising methods out there. Wrapping every vehicle in your fleet might involve a sizable financial investment initially, but this expense will be quickly recouped through increased lead generation, increased sales, and less exterior wear of your vehicles over time.

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