Car Wrapping, Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Auto Wraps, Business Decals, Business Graphics, Business Signage
Car Wrapping, Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Auto Wraps, Business Decals, Business Graphics, Business Signage

Wrap Care Guide

Wrap Care Guide


Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your new Vehicle Graphics. Our biggest recommendation for best appearance, ease of maintenance and long-term durability is our Ceramic Coating Service. Ceramic coating has proven to be very effective on vehicle wraps because it protects the vinyl dramatically while also cutting down on maintenance.

1. Care for your vehicle graphics like you would any fine paint finish.
a. Wash Regularly (once per week, more if vehicle is regularly dirty)
b. Store Indoors or Under Cover
c. Do not spill fuel on your wrap (wipe immediately)
d. Do no use any abrasive polishes or cutting compounds

2. Washing
a. Although hand washing is the preferred cleaning method, Automated car
washes may be used with caution.
b. Touch-less car washes are the best for graphic care. Use of brush car
washes (depending upon the frequency and quality of brush) may cause
dulling/scratching/lifting edge of the graphics.
c. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

3. For extensive/spot cleaning
a. Use one or more of the following options (listed in order)
i. Hot, soapy water solution***
ii. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water (ratio 2:1)
iii. All-Purpose Cleaner
iv. Household chlorine bleach; followed by IPA/water (#2)
v. Mineral spirits; followed by IPA/water (#2)

4. What products should you NEVER use on your graphics?
a. Solvents
b. Oil-based cleaners
c. Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaners
d. Oven cleaner
e. Orange Oil
f. Engine Degreaser

Excessive amounts of time under the sun or other outdoor elements (rain, smog, debris, and road pollutants from passing cars) can degrade the wrap. The horizontal areas (roof, trunk lid and hood) are a magnet for pollutants, which are intensified by UV ray exposure. Try your best to park your car in a garage or under a canopy or shelter. If you must park it outside for prolonged periods, look for shady parking areas.

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what makes us Stand out


Powerful images allow companies to reach target audiences, build brand awareness, and project a professional image to employees, clients, and the public. Bayou Graphics has a staff of skilled designers who can work with any client to develop an effective design that communicates a desired message on a fleet of vehicles, a storefront, a building, or interior walls and floors. Our team is able to assist with creative design or can work with your designers or ad agency to develop the solution that best fits your needs.


Bayou Graphics operates a fully equipped print shop, capable of printing on nearly any material. Our customers expect timely results, and the ability to produce decals, prints, and signs quickly allows us to respond to changes to even the most aggressive timeline. We have over 5000 square feet of state of the art of equipment and are able to stock inventory in a climate controlled warehouse to meet the needs of the largest, busiest fleets nationwide.


Bayou Graphics has a staff of trained technicians on staff who are able to perform nearly any type of installation. Bayou Graphics has successfully managed fleet and vehicle graphics projects of all sizes, from nationwide fleet rebranding projects to contractors getting started with their first truck or van. We have installed graphics in malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and office buildings — always working to exceed customer expectations with high impact visuals that drive results.

Nationwide Reach

Whether you have hundreds of seagoing containers, a freight network that crosses North America, or a local warehouse with a tractor-trailer fleet, Bayou has experience with nearly every type of vehicle across the US and internationally and can handle the toughest challenges.

Fleet and Project management

We know that fleet support after the initial branding requires a rapid response to changes or regulatory requirements, and nobody will help you get your assets back into service faster than Bayou Graphics. Logistics is a tough business, and trusting Bayou to ensure your fleet is professionally branded and properly marked will allow you to better focus on what matters most — exceeding the expectations of your customers.

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Where we’re located

Bayou Graphics has a facility in North Houston, conveniently located on Beltway 8 and Highway 249. In addition to a 5000 square ft. state of the art print shop, we have a large installation area that allows multiple teams to perform installations in a climate controlled environment