What type of walls can be wrapped?
Any interior surface can be wrapped – drywall, brick, block, tile, glass, ceiling tile. The applications and possibilities for interior graphics are countless. Where you can imagine it, graphics can be placed there. No matter how long and wide the surface and space is.
What do I have to watch out for?
Freshly painted walls need time to cure. If the paint used to paint your wall was “Low VOC” paint, then it will need 30-45 days to cure before installation of a vinyl wall graphic. This is because gases escape the paint as it cures, and these could cause bubbling or poor adhesion, and the installation company wants to make sure this process is complete before putting a new vinyl graphic up. If you have any questions about the paint, you can always send a photograph of the label to Bayou Graphics and we can let you know the proper cure time.
How large are the panels on a vinyl wall wrap?
Typically, panels have an approximate 53” print area, designs wider than 53” will require a seam. These are standard in wall graphics and are not noticeable. Butt seams are normally only used in wallpaper that is applied with a permanent glue, because wall graphics are designed to not damage your wall if they are changed or removed, they typically have an overlap which is not visible to someone viewing the wall graphic from 3-4 feet away. Your designer at Bayou Graphics will take this into account and can lay the panels out to ensure your wall is transformed.
Can I have any print I want?
Yes! The graphic design staff at Bayou Graphics can use any image for your wall if there are no copyright protections. One point to note though, if you are going to provide a file or an image, it needs to be high resolution, so when it is blown up and made larger, there is no pixelation or loss of quality. Your designer can give you the guidance you need to ensure you select the proper file type and size.
Are there multiple textures?
Yes- Bayou Graphics has years of experience with interior graphics- and there are multiple textures to choose from. The most common texture is a canvas, matte texture because the gloss textures used on vehicle graphics reflect too much light for an office environment but ask your sales rep about options available he or she will be happy to review our selection of textured wall coverings.
What if I want a sign or letters instead?
No problem! Bayou Graphics offers a wide variety of solutions for interior and exterior signs, typically interior signs are acrylic or aluminum, with designs featuring letters or shapes flush to the wall OR mounted off the wall- call your sales rep at Bayou Graphics to see examples of our work so you can begin to explore options for your wall or storefront.
Can I wrap the walls outside my building?
Yes! Bayou Graphics has wrapped exterior walls made of brick, block, corrugated metal, and other materials. We have transformed numerous storefronts with perforated vinyl that allows our commercial customers to bring visibility to their business and reduce heating and cooling costs at the same time.
Can I wrap the ceiling or floor?

Yes, floor decals and graphics are common with commercial customers, and are used for wayfinding and traffic control- these are applied with a special durable laminate with anti-slip properties. Ceiling tiles and ceilings can be wrapped as well.

Will removing the wrap damage the drywall or peel my paint?
No- in most cases vinyl can be removed from drywall without damaging the wall. There are a wide variety of adhesives available (fit for different purposes such as temporary graphics for conventions and events to graphics needed for high heat and humidity environments) so it is important to work with your sales rep to determine the correct material for your application. In most applications, however, a material is used with an adhesive that leaves no damage to an unpainted wall. Painted walls can be tested before application to ensure the correct material is used as well.

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