I need help designing a wrap for my business, can you help me?
Yes! Bayou Graphics has a staff of professional designers- and working with a professional graphic designer who has experience with thousands of vehicle wraps is perhaps the most valuable part of what we offer our clients. Your designer will contact you as you begin the project to get an idea of what you are looking for (colors, fonts, websites, images, QR codes, motto, contact information) and then begin a proofing process, meaning you will work with the designer to develop a concept that you like.
What happens after I approve the design?
Your design will be printed at our 8,000 square foot production facility using HP’s latest large format printing technology. This typically happens 1-2 days after design approval. You will be scheduled for an installation normally within 1-5 days after your design is printed.
Can you wrap things that are not vehicles?
Yes! We wrap containers, buses, tanks, exterior walls, storefronts, and essentially any object that we can stick vinyl to. Bayou Graphics has several industrial customers for whom we have wrapped cranes, tanks, containers, and large pieces of construction equipment!
I am using a leased vehicle; can I still have it wrapped?
By all means! Bayou Graphics services several large nationwide clients who have lease agreements (sometimes through companies like Ryder and Penske) and these clients appreciate the added benefit of the wrap protecting their paint. Lease agreements and warranties remain valid with a vehicle wrap, unlike a paint job that can void warranties and is a no-no with a leased vehicle. Vinyl wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable. When you remove it, your paint is in the same condition as on the day it was wrapped. if you use a reputable wrap shop that uses name brand material, your vinyl wrap will come off without any damage to the vehicle. You can restore the vehicle to its original color by removing the wrap.
How much do vehicle wraps cost?
Bayou Graphics knows that vehicle wraps are unique to each application, and thus the cost can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Your sales rep can talk you through this process and give you prices over the phone and follow up quickly with a formal, written quote. These prices can depend on the following:

  • Size of the vehicle
  • Vehicle model (cars with more curves, angles, and indentations are more difficult to work with)
  • Amount of vinyl needed for the project
  • Whether there are old graphics to remove on the vehicle
  • Location of the wrap- we work across the United States, but travel fees apply to some locations and projects.

While a basic decal package can start as low as $499, a fully wrapped vehicle with a custom design and imagery can exceed the $6000 mark. With that said, the industry average for a full vehicle wrap is between $4,200 – $7,500. Please call or email us and tell us about your project so we can recommend the most cost-effective ways to complete your wrap without compromising your goals.

Why are wraps the most cost-effective form of advertising?
Bayou Graphics has a long history of working with other businesses to help them build their brand. Successful businesses know that vehicle wraps are an important part of building credibility and uniform branding for their business. It’s also one of the most cost-effective methods of brand advertising, with an unbelievably low average cost per impression (CPI) of just 15¢ over the lifespan of the wrap. This is because your business vehicle can be seen by anywhere from 5000 to 20,000 people per day over the 5-7 year life of your wrap– it is nonstop advertising for your business that literally be seen millions of times! You cannot do this with Radio or TV or print advertising. We have not had any complaints from our clients about people muting or changing the channel on their wrap or throwing it away with the rest of the junk mail.
Can you wrap the windows?

Yes, Bayou Graphics uses a special perforated vinyl on the rear windows. This vinyl allows you to be able to see out the windows while still maintaining the look of the wrap. Using the defrosters will not damage the window wrap.

What if I need to change the information on my wrap after installation?

This is not a problem, but you need to let the designer at Bayou Graphics know at the outset of the project, there are some things a designer can do to position this information in such a way that the cost of future changes will be minimized.

What type of wrap options are there for my vehicle?

Vehicle wraps at Bayou Graphics can be classified into four major categories:

  • Lettering package: Solid cut letters and numbers are placed on the sides and back of the vehicle. They often include a company name, slogan, and contact information.
  • Spot Decals: Spot decals are like basic decals, only they’re digitally printed images and are significantly larger and can include more information and placements on the vehicle, such as the hood and windows.
  • 1/2 Wrap: A half wrap commonly consists of a hood logo, door logos, the entire rear, and a about ¼ of the sides of the vehicle, covering approximately 50% of the vehicle’s surface.
  • 3/4 Wrap: A ¾ wrap commonly consists of a hood logo, door logos, the entire rear, and most of the sides of the vehicle, covering approximately 75% of the vehicle’s surface.
  • Full Wrap: A full wrap covers every painted surface of the vehicle, and any windows if necessary. On larger vehicles, a full wrap does not typically cover the roof, as this is generally not visible.

Your Bayou Graphics sales rep can show you examples of each and make sure that your project quotation meets both your budget and your goals.

Will spot graphics or letters cause any fading on my vehicle? Will I see “ghosting” of the text when I remove the graphics?
When you see ghosting on vehicles, this isn’t because the vinyl damaged the surface. In fact, it is the opposite. The paint under the vinyl stayed the same as when the graphics were installed. The paint around the graphics is what has weathered and faded.
Paint technology has come a long way in the past decade and most vehicle paint surfaces do not fade as rapidly as they had in the past. Which is a good thing when you are thinking about vehicle graphics.

There is no guarantee that your vehicle surface won’t weather around graphics revealing slight ghosting when you remove the graphics. It depends on many different factors such as how vehicle age, original base color, whether it is gloss or metallic and how long you decide to leave your graphics on the vehicle and how you look after your vehicle just to name a few. A good professional and quality buff and polish usually does the trick, though.

Can A Vehicle Wrap Be Removed?
Yes! The vinyl can be removed. All you need is a heat gun, cleaning chemicals, experience, and patience. If the wrap is less than 5 years old, it is usually a heat and remove process. It gets more difficult after 5 years when you have vinyl that is discolored and cracked, then it becomes tedious work, but Bayou Graphics can help with this. Removing an old wrap is a difficult part of the business that nobody wants to do but a professional takes the good with the bad and makes it happen. If the car wrap has been on the vehicle for more than 5 years then there is a chance that the vinyl may leave glue residue on the vehicle after it is removed, therefore, we recommend seeking professional help to ensure there is no paint damage.
Can You Polish the Vehicle Wrap?
Yes, you can polish vinyl wrap but not in the usual way. You can use vinyl wrap-specific polish to give your wrap the proper shine it needs. If possible, choose a brand-specific polish to match the brand of your wrap like a 3M polish for your 3M wrap. If you’re not sure of your brand, you can always check the installation paperwork or call the company that installed your wrap. Bayou Graphics offers these services to our clients and can give you the best option for your budget and vehicle.
Can Vinyl Wrap Stick to Wood?
This may seem like a silly question but many rear doors on large trucks and trailers are made of wood. Vinyl wrap is primarily designed for smooth, non-porous surfaces like vehicles. While it can adhere to some types of wood, the adhesion might not be as strong or long-lasting as on other surfaces because sometimes the wood absorbs moisture. It’s best to consult with a professional to determine if vinyl wrap is suitable for your specific wood application. Bayou Graphics in the past painted sections of these doors with a primer before wrapping when needed, so we can take a look at your back door to see if we need to repair, replace, paint, or wrap!
Can you wrap the door handles and mirrors?
Yes, but this is typically an extra charge. Door handles can be wrapped but we do not warranty them because the constant friction and wear and tear of daily use are beyond the limits of what the vinyl’s adhesive can withstand. In addition, if the mirrors and door handles are ABS plastic, the vinyl will not stick to the surface, and they cannot be wrapped.
Can Vinyl Wrap Go Through a Carwash?
Yes, most vinyl wraps are carwash safe. However, it’s essential to use touchless or brushless carwash systems to prevent potential damage to the edges of the vinyl. Hand washing is the gentlest method and is recommended for preserving the wrap’s appearance. It is not recommended, however, that you use a pressure washer type hose on your vehicle unless you are more than 6 feet away and have the nozzle on a wide setting.
Can Vinyl Wrap Be Ceramic Coated?
Yes, vinyl wraps can be ceramic coated. Ceramic coating can enhance the appearance and protection of the vinyl wrap, making it even more durable and easier to clean. Bayou Graphics offers ceramic coating on most vehicles at reasonable prices, as your sales rep about these options!
Can Car Wraps Be Repaired?
Yes, car wraps can be repaired if they sustain minor damage, such as small tears or scratches. A professional with experience in car wrap repair can often patch or replace the damaged section, maintaining the overall appearance of the wrap. More extensive damage may require a larger repair or, in some cases, a full replacement of the wrap. Bayou Graphics works with local insurance companies and large fleets to ensure repairs are done quickly and seamlessly and the vehicle is back out on the road as quickly as possible.

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