Floor Graphics That Stick

Have you ever walked down a hallway and had your attention grabbed by a stunning piece of artwork under your feet? Congratulations, you know floor graphics! This fantastic way to utilize otherwise forgotten space can be either a gorgeous display of branding and promotion, or an indelible mark, literally, on your company’s name. Don’t fall for cheap alternatives! You need safe and secure graphics, impressions that stick, and dependability from the ground up.


We know you make a statement in any space you’re in. We know we can make one in any space you have. We also know that how we make that statement matters. High traffic areas are prime real estate for graphics, be it guiding, branding or otherwise; they also fall prey to shuffled feet, broad lopes, thudding stomps and energetic TikTok dances. Let’s make that work for you! We stock proprietary vinyl and laminates from a leading US retailer who made a name for themselves before Covid-19 made touchless cool. We ensure our graphics will not lose color or adhesion, regardless of the traffic. We can prove ourselves, the same way that you do – all day, every day.


Design matters, sure. Branding, too. But what really matters with floor graphics is durability. You need versatile, resilient materials on any surface, that can withstand friction, and ensure safety for every person lucky enough to see them. The anti-slip properties of floor graphics are not easy to come by, and they aren’t inherently present in all materials. Luckily, you have the experts on your side – you needn’t worry that you have the best material for the job, because we honestly love what we do, know what we’re doing, and want to do the best for you!



Listen, we live in Houston too. We all have to endure summers that are not for the faint of heart. Can your outdoor graphics endure, too? The vinyl you choose has to keep its cool during big, bad, Texas summers, and stand up to the rest of our crazy weather, too. We can’t control the weather any more than you can, but we can control the graphics. Humid proof, rain proof, snow, sun and shine proof, all over Texas proof graphics, from people who know that that is easier said than done.


You’re here for the long haul, but what about your promotions and events? Times, as they say, are a-changing. Traditional paint can chip, scar and damage the surface of your floors, but we’re better than that. Vinyl is all about easy, clean removal, and a plethora of ideas that might be fleeting, but really stick when they need to. Why should the future of your floors be fixed, when your industry and your business are ever changing? Transform your space again and again with dynamic branding and graphics that make you happy to step in and step up.

SOLD YET? The difference between a high- and low-quality floor graphic is expertise. We’ve got that in abundance. Let us help you to pick the best materials for your project, the best design for your needs and the most qualified installers to boot. Not only are we partnered with leading vinyl suppliers, but we also have the buying power to keep your project in budget, and on time. Understanding every aspect of this process, and how to implement this knowledge is what makes us the best fit for your job – let’s change the world we all live in for the better, together!

We’re ready to go if you are, just drop us a line and we will help you find the best solutions for your project. Simply contact the Bayou Graphics team online, or call us at 832-912-8200. We can’t wait to work with you!